Tuesday, September 22, 2009

della (stith) andrade

i went to oak bluffs this past july, doing as much as i could in five days. hadn't been back in about six years. weather wasn't that great. fast ferry from new bedford to oak bluffs was smooth and quick. will definitely use them again in future. place was crowded.

stay included required pilgrimage to my grandmother's grave and former home. her name was della (stith) andrade and she lived in this cottage on the east side of pacific avenue, north of the library. she was my mother's [june (andrade) cosme] stepmother. i knew her as nana della and i spent childhood summers here, next door to the devines. tiny place. french guy fixing the place said owner's were to arrive the next day. never got back to them.

looks like her blood family only wanted her property. assessor's database still shows stith on the deed. here's her grave marker. not an 'a' for andrade, but an 's' for stith. what's that about? no respect for nana della's marriage to my grandfather? no other stith buried anywhere near her. i'll look into it on my next visit.

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