Tuesday, June 1, 2010


this memorial day weekend did not disappoint, weather-wise, as a kick-start to summer.  a beautiful day here in new bedford - breezy with a combination of mare tails and puffies.  i have to run some errands, but i also need to get back to this blog.  so!

i mentioned on facebook that srta bus service is free for the next three months, starting today, but i'm happy to repeat it here.  at worst, you now have a way to get to work.  at best, just get out.  no reason not to enjoy part of the south coast on srta's dime.

i'm still working, still eyeballing houses, still schooling, still tackling finances.  still.

spring clean-out:  much better, this time around.  so much to give away/get rid of and feeling really great about that.  this wednesday thru saturday i'll be hauling stuff to sally's.  next wednesday i'll hit the ikea as-is area for re-organizing types of stuff.  i have to simplify, and getting things in a more orderly set-up is key to accomplishing this.  one thing i must stop is the negative thinking about my apartment and neighborhood.  yeah, it's dive-y and dodgy, but fighting it takes more energy than working with it.

...back to life.

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