Monday, May 2, 2011

alright, still

we begin this day with a visit to the emergency room where i work, fifteen minutes before my shift ended.  ninety percent of my work involves er patients, so i knew that patient acuity was low.  let me just say that acid reflux is not fun.  and, thank goodness, i brought a book.  not sure what i ate that caused my second severe episode of acid reflux (the first was fried chicken with french fries doused in malt vinegar and ketchup, last fall), but it's a good thing my nurse was listening.  i got a GI cocktail (wish that meant something sexual) ... and kept reading "snow flower" while waiting to be released.  took much longer than i expected because i entered the "chest pain" category and testing ensued - x-ray, blood work (cardiac enzymes), ekg, and neurological screening.  so i left with residual esophageal pain two hours later...along with a healthy dose of salty language that needed to remain unsaid.

i get home and have to set my alarm for 8am so i can take my son, who does not drive, to school because he forgot to purchase a monthly bus pass for may.  i have a 1:30 appointment to look at another lovely house in a potential PCB area (someone bought the last one i wanted with cash!).  i say "potential" because the EPA is skirting the area with more testing.  a lot of time on my hands.  already had coffee and breakfast so, what's left on the menu is laundry, haircut, walk, stop by mom's to celebrate my brother's birthday.  most likely in that order, but mom's will have to wait until after a looky-loo at the house.

looks like a lovely day.  let's go!

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