Saturday, August 27, 2011

hello, irene!

i had a great summer.  i also had a great 2-week vacation doing absolutely nothing.  well, except for the day that my sister invited me on a day trip to provincetown...then called before i got out of bed to say that she didn't want to take her car (because the CEL was on), so could i use my car for the trip.  never one to disappoint, i drove there and back with my sister bitching about every little thing for the entire day.

my classmate, gary, hooked me up to our high school's facebook page, so i've met a few folks and we've celebrated living/surviving.  dining out, day trip, neighborhood clean-up, back yard meet-up.  good times and plenty more to come.

and the hunt for a home of my very own begins anew since the listing agent for the last one i wanted (P&S completed and submitted to the bank in july) submitted another higher offer to the bank, and she informed us after the dirty deed was done.  i'm only hoping irene will blow that house to bits.  really.

september will be back to school for me.  looks like a change in programs will have me graduating after one semester instead of three.  i'm really excited about this finally getting done.

never give up!  never surrender!

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