Saturday, September 12, 2015

a letter to karen.

hello, karen.

this is about centipedes.  we don't want them.  what i have to do is spread bug killer in the early spring, summer, and fall, and keep my drains closed all the time.  even when i shower - drain closed; shower started; step in and wash; drain is opened before my last rinse, then shut after toweling off.

the bug killer is applied outside using the scott's wheelie spreader.  i kept the original bag, cut it open, then re-filled it with bug-b-gone - same stuff @ 1/3 the cost.  worked really well this year, but we had much less rain than last year.

i sleep with my bedroom lights on (after one summer when one-two bugs entered my bedroom every night for two weeks straight.).  i have white walls there and want white walls everywhere now.  my bed frame is metal and the headboard is 6 inches from the wall.  i only do laundry in the daytime.  the fuckers have me living in fear.  in MY HOUSE!.

this is also about repairs and upkeep.  my front room was trimmed with both quarter round and shoe moulding (the opposite of quarter round) and the stairs (over the basement) were also trimmed with shoe moulding.  it looks like someone installed wall-to-wall carpeting that was later torn out without re-finishing the floors at the baseboards.   my bedroom base moulding showed gaps and was caulked.  i still have some inside work to do, then i'll patch and paint.

they're coming from outside, too, so my plan next year is to redo the trim on my siding at the base.   it's called a water table.  homes i look at during my walks have a second piece called a lookout.  i will caulk the gap at the foundation before the trim is installed.  my fieldstone basement will be repointed with a lime-based mortar.  tough to get the temp right with that now, so the water table trim will be done first to cut down on drafts.   i'm also thinking of white-washing the stones with lime, but that still has to be researched.

it'll be tough with little money, but i have to do this or my dentist will end up with money that should be going toward my home.

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