Tuesday, October 6, 2009

class assignment - careers

hah! i can only thank myself for where i am today, career-wise. and where i am is about two steps from the bottom rung. coulda-shoulda-woulda. fml.

not exactly sure where i'll end up, but i'm currently working on an associate degree in healthcare information.


once that's done, i'll most likely be bumming it until retirement. literally. keying in codes for medical billing. hopefully, from home. sounds ideal, no? my goal is to work in the arena of patient privacy. exactly.

in a previous chapter of fml, i attempted a career in textiles. initially, i was hoping to work with top designers. then i became interested in the environmental side of that business (smelly, that) and moved on to textile chemistry. worked for a while at brittany dye hoping to finish that degree. biggest turn-off of my life. next!

as noted in my profile, i work as a clerk at st. luke's hospital. once my six-month probationary period ended, i think i've applied for a different job every four months. seven year anniversary as a clerk this november.

ftw, i'm currently waiting on a reply for a position as a pc tech. this would require travel to all southcoast-affiiliated doctors' offices to set up a pc system, install some software, test the system, et c. and any time someone has a problem, they call me. easy peasy. i do enjoy helping people. and solving problems. would definitely be a feel-good job.

oh, yeah. did a six-year stint in the air force. telecommunications for the first half. electronic equipment repair for the second half. guess i'd still be there if i hadn't...

another time.
maybe not.

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