Tuesday, October 13, 2009

the diamond in the window

i read it when i was, oh, 9. 10, maybe. it's ingrained on my soul. and it's the perfect movie - adventure, thriller, mystery, love, fantasy...okay. no angst. but, i'm telling you, it's a movie worth making. tom hanks would love this to be a movie. i just know he would.

after my third purchase of this book, i emailed toni morrison, asking her to submit the author, jane langton, as a nobel candidate. i also asked ms morrison to tell oprah that this book should be a movie. good lord, that must have been ten some years ago. then i saw 'bend it like beckham' and, you guessed it, i sent the writer/director, gurinder chadha, a request to do this movie. not sure, but i think i also sent a request to mira nair. read the book and you'll learn why i did that. or not. read the book.

if you, dear blog reader, can produce this movie, then the hook is as follows: ~the dream is the reality.~ animation until the end, when... read the book! from the very beginning, all animation must be illustrated as in the original book (erik blegvad). maybe with just a touch of color and shadow. to feel like you're watching the book come to life, but still two-dimensional. then, when edward and eleanor fall asleep - boom! - everything is all twinkly and three-dimensional. sorta like pixar. maybe real with a touch of sparkle, even. oh! and the time frame is mid-summer through autumn for the best fall foliage, then into early winter for a great 'christmas' movie. in concord, of course!

and you need to choose actors/kids that know fear and can sweat after hard work. you know. like we saw in 'stand by me'. might be hard to find skinny red-headed, freckle-faced kids, but they're out there.

and i want to be in the first test screening audience.

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