Monday, November 9, 2009

giving thanks

i'm finally caught up on my homework. :shoutout: to prof k for patience and understanding. completion (of anything) can be such a stress reliever. like my car. one cause for the delay in homework production.

my front driver's side lights were out. this was made known to me when i decided to make an emergency drive to swansea. my son needed interview clothes and, being low on funds, we headed out to the salvation army family store at 6pm. store closes at 8pm. riding north on 18, we get to the union st lights and i'm noticing dimness on the front end. i exit onto elm st, check the lights. or non-lights. having to take route six = not cool. two shirts, a tie, and one pair of pants later (all laundered) , my son is gaining skills at his new job. so nice to have my couche-tard on a day schedule. now i get to tackle the car.

i own a MY02 hyundai elantra gt (XD). you know what? this is a hot car that gets no respect. i go to elantraxd for help. they're a great crew and they give lots of love and respect to all that is hyundai. and then some. found headlight replacement instructions in the 'diy' section. busted a knuckle. right index. still hasn't healed.

finally got the driver's side bulbs changed (woohoo!), and figured i'd change the passenger side so that the lights don't look wonky. my second attempt had me at auto zone on mt pleasant st. dusk was setting in and, after a squillion attempts at loosening the rear bolt, i left it for the next day. literally. i drove around for two days with a dysfunctional alarm system as well as a new vibration that i was not enjoying. elantraxd to the rescue: i left the low beam dust cap on the engine and that's why the hood wouldn't close properly (causing the two above issues). :shakeitoff:

next: the holidays. i'm a veteran and just so happen to have veteran's day off his year. makes for a weird work week. nice. i'll be refinishing my dull headlights using another elantraxd diy. but, i am working on thanksgiving. no biggie. maybe my sister will bring me a plate for supper. then i'm taking my son to nyc, courtesy of shg activities committee, as an early christmas gift that same weekend.

happy veteran's day.

happy thanksgiving.

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