Monday, March 15, 2010

my queendom for a house

if i haven't already stated it, i would like to buy a house.  well, i think i've found THE house.  and guess what?  i'm not ready.  how sad is that?  what's even worse is i'm already remodeling.

this oven bank needs to be installed:

of course, the kitchen will be updated with ikea *everything* because the wolf galaxy is just a bit beyond my orbit.

and this seating banquette would be perfect for a small cottage:

doesn't the floor look edible?  like a chocolate fondant.

then i'll need to reno the bath for a walk-in shower, something like so:

i saw this bathroom as part of a home rehab for an elderly woman (including banquette and oven bank above).  problem with this, for me, is that i want this floor tile in my kitchen.  just can't decide if it's going on the counter or the backsplash.  looks so honeylicious.  bzzbzzbz.

here are some ideas i have for the front door:

i hope i can get the shingles to weather nicely like these nantucket homes.  also leaning toward the clapboard front.  choices, choices.  but we must keep it simple.

what else before i go?  oh!  the patio.  have a look-see:


now where can i find some quahog shells for the driveway...?

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