Sunday, April 17, 2011

always look on the bright side of life

my first jaunt via the new bedford council on aging's travel program.  i should have had coffee.  the day was overcast and blustery making it feel more like march weather.  so happy i brought a cap.

first, we went to davenport's restaurant for lunch. this is in cumberland, rhode island.  our host announced that we arrived early, but people were seated and served when we entered the restaurant.  davenport's has party/large group rooms in the back and they're well lit.  our discounted menu listed five offerings and i chose the roast beef on wheat bread with fries.  simple, but very tasty.  nice when things aren't complicated.  but, i forgot to ask for coffee.

the activity for this day was the matinee showing of spamalot at ppac.  the theater is ornate, but not gaudy.  ppac's seating is just under comfy due to the narrow, yet plumpy seating.  and their acoustic set-up makes the experience more homey.  the audience was well mixed, so i didn't feel out of place in my extremely casual attire of sweater, pants, and sauconys.

not a review:  i had enjoyed monty python's flying circus when it was aired years ago, but i really forgot most of that show as well as their quest for the holy grail.  meaning that i wasn't sure what to expect because i had learned, after purchasing my ticket, that this show was a musical.  it turned out to be a great show.  no, i wasn't as enthusiastic as the rest of the audience (i'll use the excuse of not having coffee), but it was very nice for my initial theater experience (sorry, but i really don't remember any other at this time, so i have nothing to compare.).

looking forward to future adventures.

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