Monday, April 4, 2011

the waiting is over.

the glasses i ordered for my son, eric, arrived today.

rehash: a blog that i highly recommend - - offers reviews and discount links to on-line optics shops.  my son's first pair of basic glasses cost $48.90 at  that was a test-the-scrip purchase.  the purchase experience was flawless.  the glasses were perfect.

next was offering bogof thru 3/14.  eric wanted photochromic (uv-inherent), compact, anti-scratch, and anti-glare lenses on flexi-hinge frames.  here are the frames eric decided on:
bad news:  the offer was only for the frames, resulting in a savings of only $24.95.
good news:  again, perfect.  i was afraid the frames would be too small (as ordered), but they're actually larger.  the lenses are also larger than expected.  this is a good thing.  after careful review, and taking eric's astigmatism scrip into account, the price at eyebuydirect was still the best buy even if we only ordered one pair.

the red frames look really good on eric and they very much resemble the ray-bans he wanted.  grand total for all three glasses is $217.15, averaging near $72/pair.  not bad at all.

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