Thursday, March 24, 2011


it's been over two weeks since i ordered my son's glasses and, since we're still waiting on a second order, i'll give a short review of the first order.

two words:  good enough.

the glasses ordered from - NAPOLI 3536 - arrived in exactly 7 days (the 14th).  the fit is fine, even though the frame was a bit smaller than expected and doesn't feature the desired flex hinges.  the best thing was that the script was on point, even the PD.  this order - frame, compact lenses for astigmatism, antiglare - came to just over 48USD with the link/discount.

of course, eric looks great in them, but he's very happy.  that's why we took a chance and ordered photochromic/transitions® glasses on the 14th.  from another vendor.  so we're waiting.

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