Monday, March 7, 2011


this year the march lion has boldly entered and, this past saturday, his roaring blew my cable out.  i kid you not.  this posting is courtesy of someone's open service.  have to get a new modem for the nightmare that is comcast.  DOCSIS cable modem standards must be met.  3.0, i believe, is the current demand.

friday was my son, eric's, eye appointment.  we left with the Rx and forgot to get the PD (pupilary distance - aligns your eye movement with the curvature of the lens).  eric calls on saturday and learns they charge an additional $25...only if you order glasses.  off to bj's:  PD measurements are not allowed unless you have an appointment to order glasses.  we walk in to lenscrafters and - booyah! - free PD measurement right on the spot her tippy-toes.  third time's the charm!

then eric got the ray-ban bug and fell in love with their best sellers:

nice, but expensive as a package for our budget.  it's now the goal for eyewear purchases.  sad story there is that sold out of the ~good~ frames very quickly, right at the beginning of their BOGOF sale.

for the moment, i've ordered from - basic frame and lenses just to make sure the Rx is right - $48.95.  if it is, they'll be eric' s spare pair.  my report in two weeks.

after all that, i had another chance to take pics of my house, then made an offer the next day.  should hear back NLT 3/9.  will post pics when they say, "YES!  Of course you can have this house.  It's yours!"

see you soon!

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