Monday, February 28, 2011


i've been following ira's blog, off and on, since...2007.  please catch/read up if you hate having wads of cash lifted from your wallet while you watch.  this post is to let you know i'll personally review one or two of the retailers listed on shortly.  indirectly.

my son, eric, has an astigmatism (still not sure if article is required there) and he hasn't checked his vision for at least two years.  he's always wanted photochromic lenses, so we'll try the online route versus spending over $300 at lenscrafters.  he also wants a second pair and one of the listed retailers, eyebuydirect, has a BOGOF offer thru march 14th if you link thru this post's title.  well, i looked there and at 39dollarglasses just to get an idea of what eric will have to cough up.  i can already say that eyebuydirect is a go because, even without the BOGOF deal, the cost for what eric wants is almost half of something similar at 39dollarglasses.  and he's tired of getting new nosepads, so he's looking at plastic frames.  here are some i'll recommend to eric and hope he's not too picky.  cute model. (:

newport - black and clear

carpi - red and black

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