Monday, February 21, 2011

this house is mine!

and the house hunting continues.  i don't think i posted about any particular property before, but this one...this one is mine.

i put in an offer and no bites.  so says the listing agent.  sorely disappointed.  my gut says she didn't even bother submitting it.  then i told my agent that i'd try laying low for a while.  this so that i could finish studying for my real estate license.  hey.  i got my driving license at 42, so don't doubt me.

problem with this house is that it's just too perfectly perfect.  yes.  perfect for me.  should this even be posted for all to see?  well, i just can't help myself.  look.

a small 1br ranch with under garage.  just a tiny slab of concrete in the back that could be a patio.  quiet side street in a fanTAStic location.  check out the innards.

a kitchen just itchin' to be kissed by ikea.  that laminate floor looks so tired.  big enough for a dining table, but an island would be sweet.  who does black?  oh, yeah.  my ex-bil says his house came with black appliances.  okay.   they can stay for a year, but that's it.
 formal dining room.  look.  at.  those.  windows!  i love 'em.  see that wall?  can you say banquette?
previous owners obviously enjoyed commercial carpet.  ugh!  they blocked the fireplace.  what's up with that?
and the bedroom with tiny windows so i can sleep.  aaahhh.  walls are aching for some lavender gray.  yes, i've already picked new colors.  especially for the exterior.  who does light salmon?  this isn't the bahamas.

okay.  i'm gonna go for it.  fingers crossed.  both hands!

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