Saturday, December 10, 2011


last night i attended a get-together with my high school classmates and we were one shy of a dozen.  two guys were in from other parts of the planet and i hadn't seen one of them since...forever.  the other, i think i don't know.  since a few of us arrived unceremoniously late, we sat further away from the visitors' end and chatted amongst ourselves.  yes, we inquired about the unknown visitor, but no one else offered any insight.  as the meal ended, i was alone at the 'late' end, so i moved to the head of the visitors' end.  and that's when things went skew-y.

this unknown visitor snubbed me in front of everyone else as i awkwardly introduced myself and attempted to strike up a conversation.  a fifty year old, well-established male doing that 14-year-old thing.  you know.  the elbow on the table/back of the hand attached semi-permanently to the side of his face that was visible to me.  was.  the other two ladies had left for a smoke and i tried to participate in a conversation on a subject i clearly know nothing about - hunting.  coup de grace arrived at the end:  i casually put out my hand to shake and he hesitated.  it left me numb.  and i'm still trying to shake it off because i'm attending a party tomorrow with the people who saw this happen.

i was just getting to know everyone...

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  1. i know this is a little late but don't let ignorance like that faze you. there is obviously something lacking within him and the fact you made an effort to introduce yourself and dived into a topic you know very little about was brave :)