Monday, May 27, 2013


it's official - today is memorial day and we accept it as the beginning of a robin brings in the spring.  the weather is lovely, even though it's windy.  takes me back to the kinds of summers i remember years ago.  more than just the summers.  books i've read, people i met over the years, friends who are gone, places visited, and so many 'new' experiences.  i've enjoyed them and i've pained through them.  and music!  i think i want to start up the guitar again.

now that the weather has improved, the current plan is to cherish the house.  to do that, i have to finish my degree, then try to earn more money.  fitness is required.  ugh!   i lose focus sometimes, but i will do this.  you should see this yard, though.  i am working on it.  slowly by slowly.  a battle, indeed.  if the weather stays dry after wednesday then i'll clean/stain/treat the deck...that i don't like.

8pm.  time to put away the laundry.

did i mention i'm going to start making hummus and olive tapenade?  makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

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